Welcome To Swimming Classes In Dubai

All our instructors are certified by ASCA

(American Swimming Association Certified)



We are here to give you the safest and the best training possible, to help you swimming independantly with full confidence, in the shortest period of time . Our trainers are dedicated and will give you the one on one attention you need with clarity for your successful progress. Our unique teaching method helps us understant every student’s need for pace and their ability to grasp and master the swimming skills. We do our best to make your learning experience safe, enjoyable, intuitive and rewarding every step of the way as you move forward in your class. We don’t just teach you how to swim but We make you love it!

We offer our service to Children, Working Adults And Housewives with convenient schedule.

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Cell1: 0504659123

Cell2: 0502540540

Email: swim4life.ae@gmail.com

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Learning to swim to perfection, Is a long and ongoing process and can be, for many, a difficult skill to accomplish. Some remain a plateau, while others progress leaps and bounds. Breathing coordination is especially difficult to master and may take some time. Please remain patient – our teachers shall do their best to make you progress as rapidly as possible.

Whatever your age or your swimming ability, our fun and motivational swimming classes will teach you how, why and what you should be doing in the water. Our friendly¬†teachers¬†will train you in the pool as you adapt to the water, learn to float, and swim. You’ll learn to relax, control your breathing and see how the right movement generates effortless swimming

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